Crypto is like the Wild West… hold onto your hats and buckle up for the ride

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The last few weeks in cryptocurrency have been… interesting to say the least.

After a recent “crash” in the crypto market where Bitcoin fell to a low of $30k per coin, it has many scratching their heads — and even exiting the crypto scene forever.

However, even despite this low, here’s why I’m not worried about my cryptocurrency portfolio.

Bitcoin’s fall to $30k is not unprecedented and isn’t all that low to begin with:


Can you really turn $5 into 5 million with crypto?

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I never in a million years thought I’d be writing about cryptocurrency.

I’m a twenty-seven year-old History teacher at my “day job”, so I am probably the opposite demographic you’d normally hear this from.

As a teacher, I’m no stranger to side hustles in order to keep my finances afloat — but I’m just starting to make them work for me.

I think also it makes investing in cryptocurrency slightly less intimidating when it comes from a person who was a total amateur at any type of investments six months ago.

Cryptocurrency is just not for me.

Or — so…

How to be part of the team from the moment you walk through the door

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The scene is New York City, 2012. It’s June, which means the unbearable summer heat has just started to cling to the city, even in the early hours of the morning. Commuters bustle to their subway stations, and socialites step into cars parked outside of their Brownstones.

NYU Students rush off to class, carrying bags — not backpacks — and street performers are staking out their spots for the rest of the day near Washington Square Park.

I’m also in a rush — to interview for my dream job.

I had read one of New York’s most popular publications since I knew how to decipher text. …


I now have two additional streams of income — all because I set aside time to learn something new

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When I was in school, learning new things came pretty easily to me. I was naturally curious, and unless it came to calculus — I was fairly interested in how things worked.

As an adult, I’ve noticed that my preferences have changed.

Perhaps — it’s really my patience that has changed.

Does it excite me?

Is it fun?

Can I learn it without it taking up too much of my time?

These are all questions that I now subconsciously ask myself when I make the quick decision about whether I’d like to try something or not.

I never thought I’d actively learn about cryptocurrency:

Let alone be writing…

How a cheeky teenage habit has now become a powerful manifestation tool — and it works

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“Can I get a name for that?”

I remember the thrill of being able to order my own coffee during lunch as a high school junior once I was free to leave campus.

My real name started to come out of my mouth until I settled on something different — Lena.

I was a big Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fan back then, and it was the first name I could think of.

I immediately felt like I never wanted to be myself again — despite getting compliments on my real name all the time since it’s somewhat of an…

Yes — all 7 billion of us — and here’s how we can work through it

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“Do you have a mask?”

I ask my boyfriend as we get out of the car, ready to walk to the restaurant.

He pats his back pocket.

“I don’t think we actually need them,” he says, shrugging.

“I think we do — at least while we walk to our seats.”

From the quarter-mile walk to the car to the restaurant, I saw one mask on an elderly man.

As I took my own mask off — wanting to fit in with the masses as much as I did when we were all wearing masks by some human design — I…

Keep it in your wallet and stake these alt-coins instead

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If you would have told me years ago that I’d be pondering the concept of whether I should “stake my Ethereum” — I would have thought you were absolutely insane.

I would have had a couple of questions.

Staking. My… Ethereum?

First question: Is that a Panic! at the Disco cover band?

Answer: Sadly, no.

Second question: Am I living in a science fiction novel?

Answer: Actually — at this point — yes.

Let’s go over how you can dive even deeper into the cryptocurrency landscape by using your investments to secure the network itself — and earn money while…

Will it make me a millionaire? Will Elon Musk invite me to Mars?

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I’ll admit it.

I just did something that I never — not in a million years — thought I’d do.

It’s — something that I promised my dad I’d never do once I got into crypto.

I purchased… Dogecoin.

Yes, the cryptocurrency based on a dog meme — and now hilariously pseudo-supported (Is it real now? I can’t tell) by Elon Musk.

Here’s why I decided to — invest.

1. It’s now on Coinbase:

The first reason I decided to buy Dogecoin is simply because it’s now available for trading on Coinbase one of my favorite cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase is simple, to the point…

My roadmap to feeling happy, healthy, and well in the month of June — and beyond

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Self-care. Wellness. Fitness goals.

Buzzwords that every blogger, vlogger, and fitness enthusiast on the internet throw around when trying to promote their latest “what I eat in a day” or workout routine.

However, it seems like it’s easier to fall off the wellness wagon than stay on it — for a regular person, anyway.

Life always seems to get in the way for those of us who have a 9–5, several side hustles — or just aren’t camera ready at all times.

Care for yourself like your income depends on it:

Of course it’s easier for fitness bloggers, models, and celebrities to be fit and eat smoothie bowls — it’s because it’s how…

Now our friendship is hanging by a string

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No ring — no bring.

I get it.

It’s a perhaps post-pandemic world.

You’re trying to make the wedding smaller and cut out any temporaries.

No ring — no bring.

Means I have no co-pilot to help me reach my destination on time.

Instead of arriving at the ceremony together, my co-pilot is at home making lunch.

I’m finding parking — alone.

In a sea of people who do have co-pilots.

All because of jewelry on their fingers.

Should we pretend? I wondered when I sent in my dinner preferences.

For me.

Just me.

Should we say that in the…

India Snow

Real-life Khaleesi, writer, solo-traveler, teacher, chai addict. Writing, health, & crypto enthusiast.

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