They might make you crazy at first — but at least you’ll be crazy successful in the long run

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Writing — and — cryptocurrency.

If you’d asked me this time last year what they had in common — I probably wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.

I might have said… they can both be done online?

In the past few months, I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching and writing about cryptocurrency — and they have quite a few unexpected overlaps.

Writing about cryptocurrency is something I never thought I’d do:

But there are other things I never thought I’d do either — like leave a perfectly good writing career that fulfilled my dreams all because I let other people get to me.

I once wrote a book at 21, made…

I wrote, I left, I returned — and got a top writer bonus

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It was April, 2020.

It was the middle of lockdown and I was desperate to move out of my parents’ house — in my mid twentieswith 100k in student loan debt.

At this point I can’t even remember how I found Medium, but I remember reading articles about online success and thinking — hey, I could do this!

I came from a writing background, and I, too, was lured in by the promise of thousands per month while writing from home.

I mean… we were all at home.


Crypto is like the Wild West… hold onto your hats and buckle up for the ride

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The last few weeks in cryptocurrency have been… interesting to say the least.

After a recent “crash” in the crypto market where Bitcoin fell to a low of $30k per coin, it has many scratching their heads — and even exiting the crypto scene forever.

However, even despite this low, here’s why I’m not worried about my cryptocurrency portfolio.

Bitcoin’s fall to $30k is not unprecedented and isn’t all that low to begin with:


Can you really turn $5 into 5 million with crypto?

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I never in a million years thought I’d be writing about cryptocurrency.

I’m a twenty-seven year-old History teacher at my “day job”, so I am probably the opposite demographic you’d normally hear this from.

As a teacher, I’m no stranger to side hustles in order to keep my finances afloat — but I’m just starting to make them work for me.

I think also it makes investing in cryptocurrency slightly less intimidating when it comes from a person who was a total amateur at any type of investments six months ago.

Cryptocurrency is just not for me.

Or — so…

How to be part of the team from the moment you walk through the door

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The scene is New York City, 2012. It’s June, which means the unbearable summer heat has just started to cling to the city, even in the early hours of the morning. Commuters bustle to their subway stations, and socialites step into cars parked outside of their Brownstones.

NYU Students rush off to class, carrying bags — not backpacks — and street performers are staking out their spots for the rest of the day near Washington Square Park.

I’m also in a rush — to interview for my dream job.

I had read one of New York’s most popular publications since I knew how to decipher text. …

Students are stealing everything from soap dispensers to entire desks — all in the name of views

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It’s hard to tell these days when you use that word whether it has to do with something on the internet, an actual illness, or both.

In this case, there’s a new TikTok trend circulating where middle and high school students record themselves stealing items from their schools for views.

Yes, you read that right.

They’re willingly recording themselves doing incriminating things in hopes that millions of people will see it.

I didn’t say it was smart — but it has been sweeping the nation, and items are going missing in every state.

As a middle school teacher, I laughed it off and assumed it wouldn’t happen in our building.

Our students are smarter than this… right?

Teaching in the time of COVID-19… take three

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One, two, three.

I learned to teach them to count, to tie their shoes — to be good humans.

One, two, three.

I wasn’t taught how to hand out masks as they walked in my classroom door.

One, two, three.

I’m short three masks — I have to call the office for more as students cover their faces with hands or bury them in their shirts, awaiting their new license to learn.

Four, five, six.

Hours in the day where masks don’t come off, but slide down faces.

They reveal tired expressions hidden behind scared eyes.

What will happen to them? How long will this go on?

It all started out with a TikTok — and now it’s a part of my daily health routine

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When it comes to the Chia seeds, the first time I was introduced to it was as a child with — you guessed it — the ch-ch-ch-chia! ads on TV.

I begged my parents to let me get a chia pet from the 1–800 number that could ironically only be called by adults 18 or older.

I mean… it was a pet. I needed it.

I find it extremely fitting that the way I discovered chia seed water was via scrolling TikTok. It’s the modern way to find everything you need — and everything you never knew you needed.

The TikTok recipe directions were to:

  • Fill…

Follow their lead while the market is down for huge gains down the road

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There’s a difference between cryptocurrency investors versus cryptocurrency traders.

Just like the “regular” stock market, you might be doing a little bit of both — but there’s a larger distance here because the cryptocurrency market is so volatile.

Traders need it to fluctuate so they can do just what their name says… trade.

Investors are usually in it for the long haul, and in this case might be referred to as HODL-ers (a term that came about when someone misspelled “hold” and has been used in cryptocurrency ever since to mean just that).

At this point, investors have reached the…

Working harder and longer doesn’t always mean smarter — here’s why

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“Yeah, I can do brunch on Sunday — but I need to be home by 3 so I can catch up on some work before Monday.”

I recently caught up with a few friends from high school, and while making plans to see each other in lieu of a 10-year reunion, I noticed something strange about our work habits.

Everyone worked on Sunday.

All of us have salaried positions plus side gigs, and each and every one of us felt like we needed to do a bit of work that day in order to make our lives easier on Monday.

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Top writer, real-life Khaleesi, solo-traveler, teacher, chai addict. Writing, health, & crypto enthusiast.

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