Dear Reader: A Poem

The life of a writer — turned life of a creator

India Snow
2 min readAug 5, 2022


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Dear Reader,

We’ve been together for quite a while now —
maybe you’ve been here the whole time,
or maybe it’s new.

Either way, my words typed on this blank space
are entering your brain,
only to be processed — however you want.

Quarantine — 2020.
All at home — all at rest.
All hoping for the best.

Two point-five later,
It’s Medium, it’s YouTube,
it’s the race to one K.

Monetize this, hobby that
is it all worth it for that spike in stats?

Review here, poem there
next will be musings thrown in the air,
title drop,
find a photo,
do I need a new logo?

Reader, hello, thanks for following each of my 26 letters

and whatever comes in between
…punctuation sometimes keeps it clean?

A break — a productivity lull
Did this page get too dull?

Don’t worry, dear reader, your favorites are back —
crypto, and writing,
…and life hacks?

Dear reader — or writer,
Creator, word-dropper,
thank you for sharing,
this one page,

Thank you for this re-introduction,
I’ll see you on stage.

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