Tangerine Sea

A Six-Room Poem

India Snow
2 min readJan 10, 2022
Photo by Michael Lämmli on Unsplash

Sunset clouds…
Overlooking a tangerine sea
An aquamarine sky’s wistful clouds above

Birds float overhead, surfing the winds
As I wonder…
How long would it take me to learn to surf?
A paddleboard is more my speed.

With this sunset there is no time
Only space
Only whispers of creaking wood as I shift in my chair
Only pages turning as my book
Is consumed by my brain

The soft light reflects off of the water
With contrasting color wheel tones
As I wonder simply… what’s for dinner?

My only care in the world for once
Is what’s right in front of me
And what’s soon to come.

I wistfully sigh and reflect, just like the water
If only we all had more of this –
More peace.
More time.
More tranquility.





India Snow

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