Who Is the New Miss Universe?

Andrea Meza hails from Mexico — and our new winner is about to gain millions of social media followers overnight

From Andrea Meza’s Instagram, @andreamezamx

The next — Miss Universe — is — viva Mexico!

Mario Lopez announces the winner and her sash and crown are brought to center stage.

The crowd goes wild as a look of disbelief crosses her face.

Andrea Meza of Mexico is the next titleholder of one of the most coveted international beauty pageants in history — Miss Universe.

From FYI Miss Universe Telecast

Earlier this evening during the swimsuit portion of the competition, she had 252k followers on Instagram.

At a quick glance about 5 minutes following the broadcast of her win, she has 310k followers.

About two hours from now — she’ll gain at least one million, with more on the way in the coming days and weeks.

Who is Miss Universe?

The pageant was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic, so they are catching up with delegates who have been waiting over a year to compete.

Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019 from South Africa, has held the title for 17 months — the longest reigning titleholder in history.

Now, Andrea Meza from Mexico will reign for the next year and travel the globe to spread messages about gender violence and women’s empowerment.

Her social media impact will be huge:

Even if no one knows who you are when you’re Miss Universe, having over 1 million passionate followers from all over the world at any point is nothing to balk at.

It’s a captive audience that some world leaders would dream of.

This year’s pageant used their large built-in global platform to discuss issues like:

  • Climate change
  • Pandemic lockdowns and economic issues
  • Beauty standards
  • Abuse and assault
  • Mental health
  • Respecting indigenous cultures around the world

Even the Mouawad crown itself that Andrea Meza will wear is called “The Power of Unity Crown” and symbolizes the power of this new global ambassador, Miss Universe.

Now, the platform is all about what Miss Universe chooses to do with it :

Usually when beauty queens compete, they have a cause that is near and dear to their hearts.

This year, Andrea Meza of Mexico’s platform according to her instagram profile is gender violence. She’s also a tourism ambassador to her home state in Mexico, Chihuahua.

Now, she’s a tourism ambassador to the entire globe — and will represent Mexico on the world stage for the next year.

She will live in an apartment in New York City with Miss USA, and together the duo will complete social engagements befitting royalty.

Who is the runner-up?

Who is the almost-Miss Universe?

She surely deserves some spotlight as well.

The final five countries competing were:

  • Brazil (1st runner-up)
  • Mexico
  • Peru (2nd runner-up)
  • Dominican Republic (4th runner-up)
  • India (3rd runner-up)

The first runner-up, Julia Gama of Brazil, is an ambassador in the fight against Hansen’s disease — a cause that will surely not go unnoticed by the world with her new platform as well.

Interestingly enough, the old superstition of “hands on top” was not stopped by COVID-19 precautions:

From FYI Miss Universe Telecast

As Julia Gama and Andrea Meza reached across the stage to hold one another’s hands from afar, Zozi Tunzi stood ready to crown her successor.

The old superstition that the woman whose hands are “on top” will win held true here, as Gama had one hand “under” both of Meza’s.

It was meant to be!

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